Non-Electromagnetic Radiation

Widely used on vessels, ports, airports and other places that are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation interference

Low Harmonic/Ripple

High harmonics will accelerate the aging of the insulation, hence shortening the service life of the lighting; high ripple will cause high harmonics, reducing the power supply efficiency, stronger ripple will cause voltage or current surge, resulting in short circuit.

Ultra-High Surge Protection

The ceramic discharge tube can provide extremely fast response speed, from 100V/s slow spur to 10kV/µs high-speed spur, not limited by any surge, protecting the circuit for stable operation

No Flick Comfortable Lighting

Eyescare® lighting provide illumination for use in environment where high light intensity is required, with no flash, comfortable and suitable for office environment, and reduce eye fatigue of workers working in production workshop

Better Cooling Technology

Utilizing better heat sink technology, pure aluminum casing, 3D copper tube heat dissipation, etc. allowing quicker heat dissipation from the LED light source, controlling the light decay at 10000 hours 5-10% (different radiator)


Approved by CB certification, can be converted to CCC, CE, FCC, SAA and others, according to every country’s certification requirement



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