GEB® Easy Mounted Street Light IP65(BSS21)

Mold heat radiation technology, easy mounted when light source died, Plug and play

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Item Features:

  1. Mold heat radiation technology, easy mounted when light source died, Plug and play
  2. Design Molded lens for street & road photometric characteristics with 60/120°
  3. High Lumens Philips、Osram chip, >150lm/w, High light efficiency, high quality light source.
  4. Passed the Wind Tunnel Test, resisting to Grade 5 hurricane, extremly substantial
  5. IP67 waterproof, isolation constant-current power supply,Dual PFC with high efficiency low ripple,using the first-line brand components, guarantee LED lights work stably for a long time.
  6. Single-chip microcomputer control technology,can adjust the lamps intensity automatically according to requirements, improve the effect of energy saving, prolong the lifespan time of lamps.
  7. Ultra-High Surge Protection, against 10KV lightning testing, max up to 20KV thunderstrike, protecting the circuit for stable operation
  8. CE, RoHS, FCC, CB and other safety standard approved.
  9. 5 years warranty.


Suitable for High way road, township road,  factory field, industrial park, residential landscape lighting

Model Power(W) Beam Angel CCT EFF(LM/W) Size(mm) Package Size(mm) G.W.(Kg) N.W.(Kg) IP
BSS21-50577 50 30°/60°/90°/90°+120°/80°+150° 5700K 130Lm 405x360x111mm 470x395x180mm 5.25Kg 3.90Kg IP65
BSS21-80577 80  30°/60°/90°/90°+120°/80°+150° 5700K 130Lm 475*360*111mm 540x395x180mm 6.60Kg 5.25Kg IP65
BSS21-120577 120  30°/60°/90°/90°+120°/80°+150° 5700K 130Lm 555*360*111mm 620x395x180mm 7.95Kg 6.40Kg IP65
BSS21-160577 160  30°/60°/90°/90°+120°/80°+150° 5700K 130Lm 700*360*111mm 765x395x180mm 9.15Kg 7.50Kg IP65
BSS21-200577 200  30°/60°/90°/90°+120°/80°+150° 5700K 130Lm 715*360*111mm 780x395x180mm 10.30Kg 8.50Kg IP65
BSS21-240577 240  30°/60°/90°/90°+120°/80°+150° 5700K 130Lm 860*360*111mm 795x395x180mm 11.50Kg 9.80Kg IP65
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