GEB® SMART LED Street Light IP65 Plus Light Sense(SSS71)

Economy street lighting solution, IP65 structural waterproof, Safty in storm

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General Details


  1. High illumination output EFF up to 110Lm/W, LM-80 Certificated.
  2. Economy street lighting solution, and long lifespan.
  3. Dispersion 60/120 degree Beam angle
  4. Anti-Surge reach 4KV, High level safty protection
  5. Lifespan: 30000hours
  6. IP65 structural waterproof


It is suitable for municipal road auxiliary road, Township Road,  factory lighting, industrial park, residential landscape lighting

Techical Info
SSS71-20XX7  EFF: 110Lm/W, SURGE:  4KV,IP65 260*110*58mm PF≥0.9 , Low THD ≤ 15%
CB Certificated
Warranty 2years
SSS71-30XX7  EFF: 110Lm/W, SURGE:  4KV,IP65 311*136*56mm
SSS71-50XX7  EFF: 110Lm/W, SURGE:  4KV,IP65 391*162*67mm
SSS71-80XX7  EFF: 110Lm/W, SURGE:  4KV,IP65 482*187*80mm
SSS71-100XX7  EFF: 110Lm/W, SURGE:  4KV,IP65 541*213*80mm
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