Intelligent LDR(Photoresistor) Controller for Automatic Street Light/Industry Lighting

LDR, alarm clock, latitude and longitude time control, photoresistor controller, Intelligent centralized control streetlight, industry lighting and landscape lighting.

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General Details

Item Features:

  1. Controller using LDR, alarm clock, latitude and longitude time control, photoresistor and fire feedback
  2. High level integrated industrial grade smart micro-chip, stable operation and high reliability
  3. LCD screen display,Human Machine Interface Systems, quick-start and easy to use
  4. Multi solutions for varity of senses optional 4-8-12-16 circuits, andeach circuit with current 16Ampere, it can control up to 50Kw of lights in power distribution box
  5. Customized standard multi-interface CAN protocol,RS485 protocol,LORA wireless communication,GPRS wireless communication,NB-IoT wireless communication protocol,power carrier PLC protocol
  6. Fire linkage function, when the fire signal is detected, all the circuits are activated
  7. Weekly mode, 4 time zones per channel
  8. Astronomical clock, holiday mode
  9. Easy installation, low cost, no need to transform lines.
  10. Standard rail interface, the distribution box can be directly access without modification


Widely using in infrastructure lighting control, street lights, high mast light control, factory and warehouse lighting control, outdoor landscape lighting, office lighting control, schools and other places


Voltage: AC220V/50Hz,DC12V,DC24V
Circuits output: 4/8/12/16 circuits, 16A
Control method: Remote control, time control, latitude and longitude timer control, photoresistor control
Installation method: rail mounting, fixed installation

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