Lighting Solution for Commercial Retail

“In the field of commodity retail, 50% of energy cost is related to lighting. So, taking a more efficient lighting solution is one of the best ways to reduce the operating costs of department stores. What’s more, the improvement of the lighting atmosphere will increase consumers’ pleasures while shopping and extend their standing time, which brings the sales growth.” The senior marketing manager of greater China region of Philips – Yu Yongtao stated.

Facing to the fierce commercial competition, complex consume circumstance, various commodity classification and multifarious requirements of consumers, how could we stand out in our business and operating by choosing suitable lighting solution?

Business strategy is an important root of enterprise. Different strategies, different lighting demands. There are some business strategies adopted by four types of enterprises and corresponding lighting solutions:

Product is King – Choosing the lighting that completely shows the details and quality of products.
Brand explains the spirit – Choosing the lighting that manifests brand culture and pioneering features.
Scale accumulates benefits – Choosing the lighting that improves energy-saving level and management efficiency.
Price guides to affordable – Choosing the lighting that costs are controlled and affordable.

The rapid rise and development of LED lighting technology brings a significant change to lighting industry. In the field of commercial lighting, LED comes as a big impact to traditional CDM lighting market: someone supports to use LED and give up CDM, while some other people think that LED is still in early stage and its application is far from maturity… all kinds of ideas make decision-maker difficult to decide.

As a professional manufacturer in commercial lighting, GEBright takes the principle of people-oriented, develops corresponding lighting solutions to meet clients’ demands and make the compatibility of various technologies realized and their respective strengths a full play. Furthermore, GEBright grasps the leading technology in CDM and LED industry and develops multilevel product combinations based on the market environment, which can fully meet various requirements of business users. Last but not least, according to the experiences in lighting applications for many years and profound understanding of consumers and market dynamic, GEBright established an effective approach to product development to learn the clients’ lighting requirements and design products by system efficiency, lighting quality, lamp design, reliability and systematic price.

In conclusion, suitable and prompt customized services and meaningful innovation not only provide high quality products and leading lighting solutions, but also offer an all-around service including mutually beneficial cooperating, professionally technical guidance and market supporting, which will optimize the retail environment for clients and make the enterprises stand out from many competitors and finally create greater business value and achieve commercial success.

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